I can’t even get my tomatoes to line up straight…

10 Years. 10 Goals. How am I going to be ready for September 7, 2017? Every new school year gets me nervous. I always worry that the upcoming year will be the year my luck runs out. Because, seriously, I have been a lucky teacher. But what if this year I just suck? What if everyone (students, colleagues,... Continue Reading →


Why the title: Teaching in Trump’s America?

Place, time, and history. After recently asking a colleague to write about a wonderful teaching technique he employs, he told me that Teaching in Trump’s America was too political for him to be involved with during this time in his career. I respect this person’s views. I can understand why many teachers are historically reluctant... Continue Reading →

Staff Development Daze

And other educational myths. Teachers are the worst students, especially on staff development days. Teachers often chat with one another, grade papers, work on their laptops, and play on their phones during presentations. Teachers often joke that they should wear a button to work that reads: “I would rather be teaching.” The snarky attitudes and... Continue Reading →


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