Why the title: Teaching in Trump’s America?

Place, time, and history. After recently asking a colleague to write about a wonderful teaching technique he employs, he told me that Teaching in Trump’s America was too political for him to be involved with during this time in his career. I respect this person’s views. I can understand why many teachers are historically reluctant... Continue Reading →


Post Traumatic Trump Syndrome (PTTS)

http://ptsdchat.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Donald-Trump-says-some-veterans-are-not-strong-enough-to-handle-the-mental-health-damage-from-war.jpg A quiet news cycle makes me nervous. I have a problem. No, I am not a snowflake. No, I am not “triggered,” and, no, I don’t need a therapy animal. What I am is a white, middle-class, middle-aged woman who is anxious. My anxiety has a name, maybe you suffer from it as well?... Continue Reading →

Dear Congressman John Katko:

A teacher’s report card. Dear Congressman John Katko: You represent the 24th Congressional district, which includes the counties of Cayuga and Onondaga — counties where I live and teach, respectively. In November, many of my colleagues crossed over the blue line and decided to vote you into your second term. I too crossed party lines.... Continue Reading →

Staff Development Daze

And other educational myths. Teachers are the worst students, especially on staff development days. Teachers often chat with one another, grade papers, work on their laptops, and play on their phones during presentations. Teachers often joke that they should wear a button to work that reads: “I would rather be teaching.” The snarky attitudes and... Continue Reading →


Winter storm Stella offers a moment of clarity. For twenty-two years I have heard many people comment on the perks of teaching: summers off, snow days, family friendly schedule, excellent health care, many paid vacations, retirement pensions, etcetera. These are undeniably wonderful reasons for teaching — and often one of the reasons women gravitate towards the profession.... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Reasons School Choice is No Choice




On the surface of it, school choice sounds like a great idea.

Parents will get to shop for schools and pick the one that best suits their children.

Oh! Look, Honey! This one has an exceptional music program! That one excels in math and science! The drama program at this one is first in the state!

But that’s not at all what school choice actually is.

In reality, it’s just a scam to make private schools cheaper for rich people, further erode the public school system and allow for-profit corporations to gobble up education dollars meant to help children succeed.

Here’s why:

1) Voucher programs almost never provide students with full tuition.

Voucher programs are all the rage especially among conservatives. Legislation has been proposed throughout the country taking a portion of tax dollars that would normally go to a public school and allowing parents to put it toward tuition…

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“You know what? Drivers at FedEx make $87,000.”

After an extremely tense parent conference, a very dedicated teacher, and colleague of mine told me that nugget of information. This teacher was not joking. This engaging, passionate, veteran, strong, fearless educator was making a statement. The message in my colleague’s statement is this: teaching is fucking hard. It is akin to manual labor —... Continue Reading →


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