The Great American Witch Hunt

The story of Mrs. G, a modern witch in sensible shoes. Mrs. G rises from her desk, crosses the room, and forcefully grabs a tissue from the box, part of the bulk pack she purchased with her own funds before that first September paycheck arrived. She hates herself for getting upset. She should be nonplussed.... Continue Reading →


#NOTYOUTWO Dear daughters: I hope you never have to write #MeToo.

Dear daughters: I hope you never have to write #MeToo. Daughters: #MeToo is trending on social media. My first reaction when seeing that on Facebook was an adamant, loud: “No, not my daughters.” No, not them. World, you can’t have them. Men, you can’t grab them. My hopeful hashtag is #notyoutwo. Two, not too, because... Continue Reading →

Dear Teachers: It’s October. We are in deep.

Dear Teachers: Summer is a distant memory. It is now October. You have survived the opening day jitters. You have learned many students names. You have planned and executed over five weeks of meticulously crafted lessons. You have established classroom norms. You have read many Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). You have attended meetings and staff... Continue Reading →

I hate Open House

Or, at least I did. Since 1995, I have stood in front of my students’ parents twenty-two times. Usually, in late September or early October, I have watched adults navigate their child’s confusing daily schedule as they go through a “typical” rotation of their son or daughter’s school routine. Typically, I get about ten minutes... Continue Reading →

Where is your map dot?

When will your death (or mine, or our children’s) be marked as a dot on the map of the United States? That is what the gun violence debate comes down to, folks: when will your number be up? When will that mass shooter enter your kid’s school, your place of work, your local park, or... Continue Reading →

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