Tonight I Saw America.

“How do you pronounce this name?” Colleagues huddle over white sheets, names neatly typed, organized in order of appearance. We, the teachers, wearing our “better” clothes, with makeup freshly applied, smile. We are happy tonight as we celebrate both the foreign and the familiar names. These names belong to students who have excelled in subjects like... Continue Reading →


The Unequal United States — Which State is the best to teach in?

Divide and conquer. This piece was originally published in the Bad Ass Teachers Association Blog. In one of the Facebook groups that I follow, a member posed this question: “Just out of curiosity: what’s the best state to teach in, and why?” A flurry of comments came in — 347 comments were generated from that... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to March For Public Education

July 22, 2017 1. Public Education is a right. 2. Public Education offers choice. 3. Public Education is under attack. 4. Public Education is threatened by corporate greed. 5. Public Education is undermined by politicians. 6. Public Education needs reform, led by educators. 7. Public Education represents American values. 8. Public Education is the great socio-economic equalizer. 9. Public... Continue Reading →

I May Have Just Been Murdered By House Republicans



I may be dead already.

And House Republicans may be the ones who killed me.

With the passage of a healthcare bill they, themselves, haven’t read – haven’t studied – haven’t thoughtfully considered in any way – it seems they’ve opened the door for insurance companies to deny people coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

I have one.

I’ve had two small heart attacks this year.

So I sit here stunned at the news on my computer feeling very much at a loss.

People have legitimate political differences, but this… it’s just beyond anything I’ve ever experienced personally.

There are people who count on me – my daughter, my wife, my students. I’m not so vain as to imagine that they can’t get along without me, but my loss will hurt them. I think at the very least they’ll miss me.

I’m 43-years-old. I’ve lived a good life. I just…

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Finish this: “Public Education is…”

“Public Education is DEMOCRACY!” That is how I finished the prompt on the March for Public Education's Facebook Group query. (Please join this group of over 13,000 people by clicking the underlined link.) Yes, all caps are needed. Yes, it warrants an exclamation point. Yes, public education is not just a part of the American... Continue Reading →

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