5 Reasons Why I, a 43-Year-Old Woman, Binge Watched ’13 Reasons Why’

Over the recent spring break, I binge watched the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, based on Jay Asher’s book of the same title. I am not the target audience for this work, but I could not stop watching this story about adolescence, sexual assault, and teenage suicide. The following is a list of five reasons... Continue Reading →


“Will there be homework over break? “

This school year brought six snow days (or was it five?). Either way, when you teach in a block scheduling format loss of days matter. I was schooled long ago that only one major concept will be learned each block, so trying to cram multiple ideas into sixteen-year-old’s developing frontal lobes is just futile. The... Continue Reading →

I am the NY Excelsior Scholarship

Confessions of a middle-aged debtor. Hello, my name is Laura, and I am a debtor. Last year, at forty-two- years-old, I wrote my final student loan repayment check. Phew…that sounds like a confession at an AA meeting — Hello, Laura. People with student loans might need a support group. Debt, like addiction, is a deep... Continue Reading →

The Rules of Democracy are made to be broken.

The U.S. Senate went nuclear and the U.S. President bombed a sovereign nation in the same day. The founding fathers, being students of the Enlightenment, read the works of Locke, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Hobbes, and Rousseau — thus creating rules for our nation to play the game of representative democracy. Over the course of American history,... Continue Reading →

Being observed by a stranger…

A teacher’s observation, not a stalker story. I was greeting students in the hall when I saw a person I did not recognize. The woman, nicely dressed with a district badge, quickly offered her name (which I did not catch), informing me that she was here to do my walkthrough observation. Mentally scanning my lesson... Continue Reading →


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