Dear Congressman John Katko:

image (1)A teacher’s report card.

Dear Congressman John Katko:

You represent the 24th Congressional district, which includes the counties of Cayuga and Onondaga — counties where I live and teach, respectively. In November, many of my colleagues crossed over the blue line and decided to vote you into your second term. I too crossed party lines. One reason for my support was due to my students singing your praises when you interacted with them last school year. Many applauded how you demonstrated active listening, compassion, and intelligence — in essence, you connected with these young people. You demonstrated how a “good” politician performs his duties. I hoped that you would be approachable, transparent, and a true representative of the people of your district. Unfortunately, you have failed to live up to those expectations.

Last week, schools across the 24th district issued five-week progress reports for the third marking period. The timing of these reports is crucial because students still have time to improve their grades. Like the 2016–2017 school year, your term is not over. Like struggling students, you can still “pass.” Similarly to these students, you must first face the truth about your progress. Congressman, here is your report card:

Untitled presentation (6)

Mr. Katko, you, like high school students across New York, have a choice. You can either return to your good habits of your first term, or you can continue upon your present negative path. Your reputation and your employment are at stake.

Will you fight for your constituents? Will you work for a health care bill that will actually make medical treatment a right of all Americans? Will you realize that President Trump’s budget is morally bankrupt? Will that realization lead you to fight for funding for programs that your constituents want and need? Your final exam for this term year will be your last chance to be successful. Here is what your study guide looks like:


Mrs. Brown

P.S. After publishing your report card, I did read your official March 17, 2017, statement on the Republican Health Care Plan: I will be keeping track on how you raise your grade in this category.


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I write from where I am--a veteran public school teacher, a co-owner of a small business with my mechanic husband, and a mother of two busy daughters.

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