Top 10 Reasons School Choice is No Choice




On the surface of it, school choice sounds like a great idea.

Parents will get to shop for schools and pick the one that best suits their children.

Oh! Look, Honey! This one has an exceptional music program! That one excels in math and science! The drama program at this one is first in the state!

But that’s not at all what school choice actually is.

In reality, it’s just a scam to make private schools cheaper for rich people, further erode the public school system and allow for-profit corporations to gobble up education dollars meant to help children succeed.

Here’s why:

1) Voucher programs almost never provide students with full tuition.

Voucher programs are all the rage especially among conservatives. Legislation has been proposed throughout the country taking a portion of tax dollars that would normally go to a public school and allowing parents to put it toward tuition…

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I write from where I am--a veteran public school teacher, a co-owner of a small business with my mechanic husband, and a mother of two busy daughters.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons School Choice is No Choice”

  1. This article is a load of crap! Public school did not work for my daughter with her unique medical concerns. We did not pay one dime FOR THE charter school who was more attentive and helpful and committed to her success than 90 % of her teachers in the public arena. ALSO, We do not have a Farrari lol just a rusted out 15 yrar old vehicle. This is so absurd.


    1. Thank you for your message. I am sorry that public school did not work for your child. I have been working on a piece about educational choice. Would you like to tell me your story. I actually do not know enough about choice because I live in upstate NY, which is primarily public school based. I actually just interviewed my cousin who lives in Ohio about why she decided to send her kids to private school.


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